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Alphabets w/ Motifs
Host SiteFreebie
A Arte Do Ponto Cruz (Portuguese)Pencil Alphabet
AABBCCDD.comBirdhouse Alphabet Band Sampler
Flight of Fairy Reindeer Alphabet
Half Doll Alphabet
Landybug Alphabet
Pin Doll Alphabet
About CrochetCheckered Alphabet
About Cross-StitchFall Alphabet
Halloween Alphabet
Pawprint Alphabet
Sparkler Alphabet
Spring Flower Alphabet
Stars and Stripes Alphabet
Valentine Hearts Alphabet
Scary Spooky Haloween Alphabet
Scary Spooky Haloween Alphabet Lower Case
Pumpkin Mania Alphabet
Hearts & Flowers Alphabet
Summer Fun Alphabet 2005
Agulha de Ouro (Portuguese) Baby Alphabet Sampler
Sports Alphabet Sampler
Snow Flake Alphabet A to K
Snowflake Alphabet L to V
Snowflake Alphabet W to Z
Christmas Alphabet A to F
Christmas Alphabet G to M
Christmas Alphabet N to S
Christmas Alphabet T to Z
Pastel Flower Alphabet A to O
Pastel Flower Alphabet P to Z
Pink Polka Dot Alphabet
Flower Alphabet
Flower Alphabet
Fruit Alphabet a b c d e f g h i j k l m n o p q r s t u v w x y z
Rose Alphabet B G I J L M O T U
Ivy Alphabet A C E H I J J K L N R T V X Y W
Aiguilles-Passion(French)Sign Language Alphabet
Anne Les Petites Croix (French)Baby Alphabet A-F G to L M to R S to Z
Beyond StitchSanta Hat Alphabet
Bien le bonjour aux brodeuses
L'Atelier Circe (marine heart)
Monogramme ABC
Bird Cross StitchBlue Bird Letters
Red bellied Woodpecker (alternative to blue bird)
Ladybug Alphabet
C. Remond Points de Croix
Fruit Alphabet & Flower Alphabet
Charles CraftAlphabet Afghan
Snowflake Alphabet
Craft CreationsCross Stitch Alphabet
A to O
P to Z
Crafts N' StitchesBear ABC
Crealin (French)L'abecedaire fraise (berry alphabet)
Created by KellyAmerican Sign Language Alphabet
CyberStitchers.comNautical Alphabet 48
Nautical Alphabet 24
Shamrock Alphabet
Love Letters
Christmas Alphabet 3 Inch
Stocking Alphabet
Eye See You Alphabet
Heart Alphabet
Alphabet Sampler
Candle Alphabet
Christmas Alphabet 2 Inch
Flower Alphabet
Dawn's Cross StitchRainbow Alphabet
DMC USAOcean Alphabet
Garden Alphabet
EMS Cross Stitch Board
Floral Designs: Rose Monograms
Fil'anthrope (French)monthly flower alphabet
GetStitching.comJanuary 05 Issue 156 Alphabet (tulips) ForumCross Stitch
Alphabet Sampler
Herbe folle (French) Alphabet Coeur 1
Alphabet Coeur 2
Il Bosco IncantatoFlower Alphabet & Fruit Alphabet
Flower Alphabet & Bee Alphabet
L'atelier de Circe
Click on Fichiers on the left
Coeurs Monogrammes Marines
Le Petit Monde de Vavi
La Grille du Mois
(flower alphabet, children's name alphabet)
The Listen-Up WebSign Language Alphabets
Mani Di FataFlower Alphabet
MichaelsFirecracker Alphabet
NKS DesignsAlphabet with Woman
Passione Ricamo (Italian)click on the flag, then "Free Charts"
Rose Alphabet
Flower Alphabet (Italian)Flower Alphabet
Polstitches Designs (Dragon floss)Christmas Gift Tag Alphabet
Butterfly Alphabet
Robin's Nest DesignsPatriotic Alphabet
Shona's PlaceAlphabet with man
Singeries & Cie
Initials (flower)
Snow Alphabet (sa014)
SwapponsLes alphabets de sof
Cross Stitch Simple Alphabet
123 Passions (French)Alphabets
ABC Cross Stitch Patterns
ABC Broderie
Go to Grilles
then Grilles Gratuite
Click on Letters
ABC Pelagie (French)Alphabets
Agulha de Ouro (Portuguese)Simple Alphabet
Simple Alphabet Lower Case
Lower Case Alphabet
PInk & Green Italics Part A, Part B
Capital Italics
Lower Case Alphabet
Pink & Green Alphabet
Lower Case Italics
Capital Block Alphabet
Lower case Block Alphabet
Fancy Alphabet Part A, Part B
Capital Block Alphabet
Capital Italics
Capital Block Alphabet with backstitch outline
Lower case italics
Lower case italics
Freestyle Alphabet
handwriting alphabet
Block Alphabet
Alice and Co Alphabet Calligraphie II
All Info About Cross StitchAlphabets
AllFeeCrafts.comBlock Letter Alphabet (9 stitches tall)
Times Roman Alphabet (14 stitches tall)
Annie Cicatelli (French)L'alphabet de Fati (A-L)
L'alphabet de Fati (M-Z)
L'alphabet de Fati 2005
Broderie Passion (French)ABC 1
Alphabet for Coussin d'alliances
Numeros d'urgence
CatiacraftsVivaldi Alphabet & Double Initials
Celtic Cross StitchCeltic alphabet Generator
Cinnaminn's CraftsAlphabet Afghan
Alphabet Courier Upper
Alphabet Courier Lower
Alphabet Tahoma
Circulo4 Hight Block Alphabet
Crealin (French)Lettres de l'alphabet
Craft Designs for YouAlphabet (plastic canvas)
ABC anglo saxon (pdf)
CruzaliaClick on Alphabet 1-9 on the right
CyberStitchers.comBlackwork Script
Sterling Silver
Fairy Tale
DMC USATraditional Alphabet Sampler
DragonBearCeltic, Uncials, Gothic, Chancery, Chalice veil, Icelandic
Medieval Alphabet
The Drawn ThreadRose Bud Nametag
Dunmani DesignsAlphabet #1, #4, #5 & #6
EMS Cross Stitch Board
Miscellaneous: Small Alphabets
Baby Book Animal: Cover
Free Patterns OnlineAlphabets
Interweave PressPinkeep
Alphabet & Numbers
Kooler Design StudioHebrew Alphabet
La Maison d'Anael
Les livrets de Monsieur Sajou
(French Alphabet from old books)
La Chatelaine DesignsStocking
Les Loisirs Creatifs de Cecile
Alphabet (upper)
Lilybet DesignsAlphabet
Lizzie KateFreebies
Alphabet (pdf)
Lucie's Cross stitchAlphabet Free Pattern
Mani Di FataFlower Alphabet
Mia StitchGo to Attic
then alphabet
Morgan DesignsChristmas Stocking (alphabet for personalization)
Nisou (French)Communion 1 (alphabet)
Marriage 2 (alphabet)
Nos Petites XXX: Passions Creative (French)Alphabet Grec (Greek Alphabet)
ABC Dentelle
Passion des Croix
Alphabet series started on 9/15/2005
Passione Ricamo (Italian)2006 Arabesque Alphabet Collection
click on the flag, then "Free Charts" (Italian)3
Savvy StitchesAlphabet Chart
Si le Point m'etait Compte (French)2006 Petits moments choisis
Singeries & Cie
Alphabet Bookman
Alphabet Verdana
Stickfee (German)Lucida
Alphabet (sa030)
Alphabet (sa015)
Alphabet (sa012)
Strawberry Factory
8: Big A Sampler
7: Pink Flower Sampler
6: Ichigo Sampler
The Sophisticated StitcherSmall Colonial Alphabet
SwapponsLes alphabets de sof
librets anciens
The Tattingstar (German)The Deutschland Sampler Alphabet
Tink Boord-Dill NeedleworkAmerican 18 Alphabet Part 1, Part 2
Seasons Alphabet Page 1, Page 2
Tempo 21 Alphabet Part 1, Part 2
Tokens and TriflesClick on Charts
Rectagle: Sweet Sampler
Tweezle's Beyond the Garden GateBaby Alphabet by Sheepish Designs
From A to Z by Sheepish Designs
Un point c'est tout
Giraffe Alphabet Heart
The Victoria SamplerPetit Point Alphabet
Wonderful StitchesOld English Alphabet
Old English Alphabet Numbers
Yarn TreeBlock Letter Alphabet (9 stitches tall)
Times Roman Alphabet (14 stitches tall)
Backstitch Alphabet
AABBCCDD.comSimple Backstitch Alphabet
About Cross-StitchBackstitch Alphabet
Itty Bitty Alphabet
Blackboard Alphabet
Be Mine Valentine Sampler
Agulha de Ouro (Portuguese)Outlined Alphabet
Outlined Alphabet 2
Backstitch Alphabet
Backstitch Alphabet 2
Backstitch Alphabet
All Info About Cross StitchSignature Alphabet
Anne Les Petites Croix (French)Alphabet for Battybat's tableau naissance
Carousel ChartsJewel Letters
The Chocolate CatChristmas Cat Sampler
Classic Stitches
Free Charts (Log in)
Greetings: Happy Anniversary
Greetings: Reasons to Celebrate
Greetings: Get Well Soon
abc, abc1-12
Crossstitch.comCaption Maker
CyberStitchers.comFooted Backstitch
Dawn's Cross StitchAlphabets
Ditt Broderi ABTextskapare
(converts texts into charts)
Dunmani DesignsAlphabet #2 & #3
EMS Cross Stitch Board
Baby Book Animal Motifs Cover
JanlynnStitching Bear by Joan Elliott
Kits2StitchFree Alphabets
(3/6/2006 could not access)
LMc DesignsSimple Alphabets
Mani Di FataWedding Sampler (pdf)
Mail Holder
Ms. Cilla's Stitchinbackstitch letters
Mystery Sampler 2000December
Stitching CardsFree Patterns (embroidery)
Tokens and TriflesClick on Charts
Oval: Remember Me
Heart: ABC Heart
The Victoria SamplerBeyond Cross Stitch Alphabet
Alphabet Sampler
AABBCCDD.comHello World Mini Sampler
ABC Broderie
Click on Les Grilles, then Abecedaires under Grilles Gratuites
(WXS format)
ABC Pelagie (French)Marquoirs
About Cross-StitchFirst Day of School Sampler
Celebrate! Fall Alphabet Sampler
Christmas Lights Sampler
Easter Egg Alphabet Sampler
Spooky Sampler
St. Patrick's Day Shamrock Sampler
Spring Flower Alphabet Sampler
Summer Fun Sampler
Be Mine Valentine Sampler
Candy Hearts Sampler
Agulha de Ouro (Portuguese)Flower Alphabet Sampler
Sunflower & Bunny Rabbits Alphabet Sampler
Sports Sampler
Teddy Bear BlocksPart A Part B
Alessandra Adelaide Needleworks
Little Sampler
Alphabet Block
American Whimsy DesignsSimplicity
Simplicity Mini Bellpull
Anne Les Petites Croix (French)Cow Sampler
Dove Sampler
Bbiwnbka Kpectom
Green Russian Alphabet Sampler
Orange Russian Alphabet Sampler
Beth Katz's NeedleworkBasic Alphabet
(3/6/2006 could not access)
Better Homes and Gardens - AustraliaFrom the Garden Sampler
Alphabet Sampler
Bien le bonjour aux brodeuses
BlackBird DesignsBlack Bird Sampler
Blue Ribbon DesignsCrowned Heart
Alphabet Tree
Broderie en Provence
Marine Alphabet Sampler
Lavender Sampler
Broderie Passion (French)Bear Alphabet Sampler
The Caron CollectionParents Sampler
Cat Cross StitchCat Sampler
Celia Pontos em Comun
Alphabet Sampler
Alphabet Sampler (lower case letters)
House Alphabet Sampler
Charles CraftWinter Snowflake Sampler
The Chocolate CatChristmas Cat Sampler
Classic StitchesmembersFree Charts (Log in)
Samplers/Alphabet Sampler
Samplers/Parallel Lines
Samplers/Antique Sampler
Sampler/Topiary Sampler
CyberStitchers.comAlphabet Sampler
Seasonal Alphabet Sampler
ABC Papillon (Butterfly Sampler)
Coeur (Heart Sampler)
Red Sampler
Dawn's Cross StitchRainbow Sampler
DMC Creative WorldmembersClick on "DMC Club" & Log in
Sea: Beach
Samplers: Holly Sampler
Samplers: Mistletoe Sampler
Samplers: Santa alphabet
Sampler: Rabbit Sampler
Samplers: Christmas Alphabet
Samplers: Sea Sampler
Samplers: Sea Alphabet
Flowers: Flower Sampler
Christmas: Happy Christmas 2
DMC USABeach House Sampler
Garden alphabet
Ocean Alphabet
Donne in Web (Italian)Alphabet Sampler
Dunmani DesignsSamplers
EMS Cross Stitch Board
Garden Alphabet
Kitchen Alphabet
FreePatterns.commembersLog in from the top page
Home Decor: Harvest Scroll
Home Decor: Martha Spence Sampler
Children: Alphabet Express
Children: Animated ABC's
Children: Baby Days
Heart BlossomsSunflower Sampler
Sampler 2
Click on Gratismuster
Roses for You
Ganseliesel (girl & ducks)
ABC Herz Blue
Sticken Sie ein Muster
Jardin Secret
abc Oiseaux (bird sampler)
Red Alphabet Sampler
KreinikFall Sampler
September Sampler
Spring Sampler
Strawberry Sampler
L'atelier des fees brodeuses
Miniature Black Sampler
Le Petit Monde de Vavi
Alphabet Sampler
Le point de croix de Martine
Abecedaire animaux (animal sampler)
Abecedaire poussins (chicken & chick sampler)
Liloote & CompagnieSpring Violets
LMc DesignsPatriotic Sampler
Lumiere403Aug 2002: Alphabet
Mar 2002: Miniature Sampler Pincushion
June 2001: Green Alphabet
May 2001: NI Red Sampler
MarinalaLiza (other site)Heart Alphabet
Tulip Alphabet
Mes BroderiesAlphabet Sampler (pdf)
MTV Designs
(same as La Luna Nel Pozzo)
Free Little Sampler Collection
NKS DesignsAlphabet Samplers
Passion des Croix
Grilles de compositions
Nos Petites XXX: Passions Creative (French)ABC Broderie
Greek Alphabet
OffeMillenium Sampler
Passion BroderieMarine Alphabet Bookmark
Fishing Alphabet Bookmark
Bunny Alphabet Bookmark
Flower Alphabet Bookmark
Marquoir Story (Mystery Sampler)
Le Jardin de Christine
Petits Points (Little Stitch)
Halloween Samplers
Christmas Sampler
Japanese Sampler
Point de Croix Bourguignon
Alphabet Samplers
Traditional Alphabet Samplers
Christmas Reindeer Samplers
Point de Malice
Abcdaire de Papillonlune
Abcdaire de Carol
Abcdaire de Zebulines
Abcdaire de Sonia

2e grille de nathvim
Abc Les Fleurs
Alphabet Samplers
Rania's Cross Stitch Creationsalpha 1 sampler
alpha 2 sampler (PCStitch)
RicamArte (Italian)2 Flower Samplers
(Easy Cross)
San-Man Originals
Sampler CoveReproduction Sampler CB 1899
Si le Point m'etait Coompte (French)2003 Marquoir d'Octobre
Simple CreationsMini Sampler
Bird Sampler (sa162)
Blue Alphabet (sa149)
Butterfly Sampler (sa023)
Christmas Sampler (sa171)
Flower Sampler (sa180)
Home Sampler (sa055)
House Sampler (sa155)
Lighthouse (sa166)
Lighthouse Sampler (sa048)
Red Sampler (sa080)
Rose Sampler (sa124)
Sampler (sa165)
Sampler (sa164)
Sampler (sa080)
Sampler (sa045)
Sea Sampler (sa154)
Snowman Sampler (sa040)
Swan Sampler (sa141)
The Thread GathererAegean Twilight Small Sampler by Virginie Menzildjian
With My NeedleGo to the bottom of the page
Eliza's Pyn Pillow
Wonderful StitchesCyber Sampler I
Cyber Sampler II
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