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Conversion Sites
Host SiteContents
CyberStitchersFloss Conversion Charts
Fanci ThatThread Conversion Chart
Find StitchResources
LilootesConversion Charts
Floss Conversion
Anchor to DMC Agulha de Ouro
Cross Stitch & Links
Find Stitch
Needle Graphics
Needlework FAQ
Sew and So
The Sophisticated Stitcher
Anchor to Eterna Silk Eterna Silk
Needle Graphics
Anchor to JP CoatsCyberStitcher
Find Stitch
Anchor to MadeiraFind Stitch
Needle Graphics
Anchor to Maxi Agulha de Ouro
Anchor to VenusSew and So
Anchor Rayon to DMC RayonNeedle Graphics
Anchor Wool to DMCNeedle Graphics
Au Ver a Soie to DMCNeedle Graphics
Au Ver a Soie to Eterna SilkEterna Silk
Au Ver a Soie to SplendorRainbow Gallery
Berol Prismacolor to DMCNeedlework FAQ
Bucilla to AnchorCyberStitcher
Bucilla to DMCNeedle Graphics
Bucilla to JP CoatsCyberStitcher
Caron to DMCThe Sophisticated Stitcher
Candamar (Anton) to DMCCandamar
Danish Flower Thread to DMCNeedlework FAQ
Danish Flower Thread to DMC Flower ThreadNeedlework FAQ
Dimensions to AnchorCyberStitcher
Dimensions to DMCCyberStitcher
Dimensions to JP CoatsCyberStitcher
DMC to Anchor Agulha de Ouro
Find Stitch
Needle Graphics
Needlework FAQ
The Sophisticated Stitcher
Sew and So
DMC to Au Ver a Soie Needle Graphics
Needlework FAQ
DMC to Eterna SilkEterna Silk
Needle Graphics
DMC to DMC Flower ThreadsNeedle Graphics
DMC to Ginny Thompson Flower ThreadNeedlework FAQ
The Sophisticated Stitcher
DMC to JP CoatsNeedlework FAQ
Find Stitch
DMC to Kreinik MetallicsThe Sophisticated Stitcher
DMC to Kreinik Silk Mori & SericaThe Sophisticated Stitcher
DMC to MarletteNeedlework FAQ
DMC to MadeiraFind Stitch
Neeedle Graphics
Needlework FAQ
DMC to Mandarine BambooRainbow Gallery
DMC to MedicisNeedlework FAQ
DMC to MaxiAgulha de Ouro
DMC to Needlepoint Inc SilkLilootes
The Sophisticated Stitcher
DMC to Soie d'AlgerThe Sophisiticated Stitcher
DMC to SplendorRainbow Gallery
DMC to VenusSew and So
DMC Flower thread to DMCNeedle Graphics
Eterna Silk to AnchorNeedle Graphics
Eterna Silk to DMCNeedle Graphics
Hand Dyed Fibers (Vicki Clayton Silk) to DMCHand Dyed Fibers
Janlynn (DFN) to DMCJanlynn
JP Coats to AnchorCyberStitchers
Find Stitch
JP Coats to DMCCyberStitchers
Find Stitch
Needle Graphics
JP Coats to MadeiraFind Stitch
JP Coats (old) to AnchorNeedlework FAQ
JP Coats (old) to DMCNeedlework FAQ
JP Coats (old) to JP Coats (new)Needlework FAQ
Kreinik to Treasure BraidRainbow Gallery
Kreinik Silk MOri & Serica to DMCThe Sophisticated Stitcher
Madeira to AnchorFind Stitch
Needle Graphics
Needlework FAQ
Madeira to Au Ver a SoieNeedlework FAQ
Madeira to DMCFind Stitch
Needle Graphics
Needlework FAQ
Madeira to JP CoatsFind Stitch
Madeira Glissen Gloss (USA) to Madeira Glissen Gloss (UK)Needlework FAQ
Maxi to Anchor Agulha de Ouro
Maxi to DMC Agulha de Ouro
Mill Hill to AnchorNeedlework FAQ
Mill Hill to DMCNeedlework FAQ
Shakespeare's Peddler
Needlepoint Inc Silk to DMCLilootes
Needle Graphics
Paternayan to DMCNeedle Graphics
Sampler Thread to AnchorFanci That
Sampler Thread to DMCFanci That
Sampler Thread to Weeks Dye WorksFanci That
Seaside Treasures to DMCLekker Threads
Seaside Treasures to GASTLekker Threads
Seaside Treasures to WDWLekker Threads
Six Strand Sweets to DMCSix Strand Sweets
Six Strand Sweets to GASTSix Strand Sweets
Six Strand Sweets to WDWSix Strand Sweets
Soie d'Alger to Silk MoriNeedle Graphis
Vaupel & Heilenbeck to AnchorStick Studio
Vaupel & Heilenbeck to DMCStick Studio
Weeks Dye Works to AnchorFanci That
Weeks Dye Works to DMCFanci That
Weeks Dye Works to Sampler ThreadLilootes
WRC to AnchorNeedlework FAQ
WRC to DMCNeedlework FAQ
Color Conversion
CameoRoze's Stitcher's StudioDMC Colors to Match Hair and Skin Tone
Carousel ChartsSkin Tones
Change colors
Designs by Gloria & PatPM Color Conversion
Told in a GardenAlternate Sking Color
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