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Fabric Manufacturer Links


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Access Commodities   
Charles CraftAfghans, Towels, Acrylic products
Crafter's Pride
(Daniel Enterprises)
Sal-Em, Vinyl Weave, Towels
Enchanted FabricsHand Dyed and Painted Fabrics
Fratelli Graziano    
Heaven Lee CreationsHeaven Lee Creations
Lakeside Linens & DesignsHand Dyed Fabrics
M.C.G. TextilesAcrylic products, Afghans
Norden crafts    
PolstitchesDragon Shades
Hand Dyed Fabrics
Rico DesignsTable Toppers
Sassy's Hand Painted FabricsHand Painted Fabrics
SilkweaverHand Dyed Fabrics
Sugar Maple FabricsHand Dyed Fabric
Tirowen Hand-Dyed FabricsHand Dyed Fabrics
Tokens and TriflesSewing Cards
Wichelt Imports    
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